By joining together this election, your WEE VOTE can become a BIG VOICE. Please use it to fight injustice and build a better world!  

SCIAF has identified some of the most important issues affecting the poorest communities in the world- from climate change, food shortages, corporate exploitation and conflict- and highlighted what the next UK Government must address.  You can read our full supporter manifesto for more information.

It’s time to ask your candidates for their opinions on these issues. We need a Parliament that will deliver on global justice. Use our form to email all of your General Election candidates and ask them about our five key issues that are affecting the poorest communities in our world. You can add some of your own details and thoughts that will be included in the introduction of your emails. 

SCIAF's five election priorities 

  • Fix the food system

    At the heart of the UK’s development plan must be a commitment to eradicate global hunger, fix the broken food system and promote sustainable food practices.   

  • Champion climate action

    The UK must lead on tackling the climate crisis, given our role in creating it. All new fossil fuel investment must be stopped, with money spent on green, renewable energy instead.

  • Action on aid

    In 2020, the UK reduced international aid spending from 0.7% of GNI to 0.5%. This resulted in millions of pounds being taken from the hands of the poorest people in the world, those struggling for food, clean water and shelter. This must be reversed. 

  • Challenge corporate power

    A Business, Human Rights and Environment Act must be brought forward, ensuring UK companies prevent environmental harm and human rights abuses in their supply chains.  

  • Lasting peace in the Holy Land

    The next UK Government must redouble efforts to end the current conflict in the Holy Land and work together with the international community to create a just and lasting peace for all. 

We've created this online action using a crowdsourced dataset compiled by Democracy Club. If there's a candidate missing, it means we don't currently have an email address for them.