What is SCIAF asking for?  

Though COP26 in Glasgow is over, the UK still holds influence as the outgoing COP Presidency until the beginning of COP27. We are therefore demanding that, once appointed, the new Prime Minister use this position to:

  1. Champion a new global fund for Loss and Damage and commit UK money to this 
  2. Urge rich nations to pay up too; grants not loans is what is needed 
  3. Make sure that the money is easily available for those who need it most. 

At COP26, the Scottish Government committed £2 million to help people recover from the damage caused by climate change – a world first. But, while this is a welcome start, on its own it’s simply not enough without other countries stepping up to compensate the hungry, the homeless, or those who are losing all hope. 

Instead, we need a global solution – a substantial pot of money that every rich country pays into. A pot of money that will help communities recover from the losses and damages from the climate crisis, rebuild and start again. And we need it now. 

For this reason, we are calling on the UK government to build on Scotland’s example ahead of COP27 in November. As the outgoing COP President, the UK government must commit funds to pay towards this damage and encourage the richest countries to do the same. 

We need to ensure this issue gets the attention it deserves once the new Prime Minister is appointed next month.

It's time to pay up. The time for action is now.

You can find out more by downloading our Guide to Loss and Damage.