Demand action on the global food system

It’s time for action on global hunger

We urgently need our political leaders to step up to the plate and deliver justice for our sisters and brothers across the world.

The global food system is broken. In a world that produces more food than it needs, millions of our brothers and sisters are going to bed hungry each night.   

There are many factors contributing to the global food crisis – but it remains the case that there is enough food on earth for everyone. It is simply that the global food system is broken.

This is a crisis of greed and inequitable distribution, exacerbated by a climate crisis that is being propelled by the richest countries.

To fight this gross injustice, we need you to demand action on global hunger. It’s time to serve up change.  

We’re asking Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the UK government to commit to:  

1. Delivering new and additional cash 

Climate change has caused the worst drought in living memory for people in East Africa, destroying crops and livestock. Money is urgently needed to supply food aid in East Africa, ensuring families can survive one of the most devastating food crises in their history.  

2. A critical change in policy 

In 2020, the UK Government scrapped their legal requirement to spend at least 0.7% on overseas aid. In 2017, many thousands of lives were saved when the UK invested millions of pounds to avert a famine. This time round, the devastating cuts mean the UK has given itself less room to help and lives are being lost. The decision to cut overseas aid must be reversed. 

3. System change  

The UK must promote sustainable forms of agriculture across the world and invest in systems that work for people and planet, not just profit. 

The global food system has been designed to feed the greedy, not the needy. While profits skyrocket and food waste is on the rise for the few, many families are left with little to nothing. 

We must begin fixing the food system and help provide nutritious food for all. Add your name to our letter today and with your support, we can put pressure on the Prime Minister and UK government to fix the food system.